I work with a range of clients internationally and in the UK, in the public and private sector, and across wide variety of business domains. Here are a few of the highlights.

Flight Technology Company, Germany

Struggling with a legacy big ball of mud and infrequent release cycles, I helped this organisation to design the first iterations of a more loosely-coupled software architecture and organisation design.

Government Agency, UK

Over the course of a 12 month engagement, I hired and led three digital development teams, successfully delivering the department's first digital services meeting GDS criteria and achieving continuous delivery.

Smart Cities Company, New York

This exciting company manufactured and operated smart city equipment with thousands of IoT devices installed across the streets of New York and other US and UK cities. Over a 6 month transition period I provided technical leadership and team building services.

Luxury Cruise Company, Monaco

During a 4 month period I worked exclusively with this client. I hired a team of engineers and led an extensive stabilisation of their existing platform, transitioning to a continuous delivery workflow and Serverless architecture.

Classified Marketplace Company, Poland

I designed and led a 3-day DDD training course for this client who are one of the leading classified sites in Poland. The workshop was designed to empower the teams to re-design their tightly-coupled legacy system and empower teams to deliver software more frequently.

Marine Electroncis Company, London

During a 12 month engagement I was hired to build and lead 3 teams comprising the organisation's brand new Cloud Platform department. With my senior hires I established a culture of software quality, continuous delivery and continuous learning, and introduced modern approaches to line management. I also managed up hepling the wider organisation transition from long release cycles and command and control management to apaptive approaches to delivering digital portfolios and organisation design.

Government Agency, Saudi Arabia

This government agency in Saudi Arabia were looking for training that would allow their teams to create loosely-coupled software systems and teams, and help them to align their technical directions with the business goals. This workshop was delivered over a 3 day period at their offices in Saudi Arabia.

Software Productivity Tools Company, UK

Moving from a product-aligned to a capability-aligned organisation design, this company consulted with me to review and challenge their plans and highlight the challenges experienced by other organisations that have attempted this type of transformation.

Software Consultancy, Austria

I delivered a training course for this software consultancy who were seeking to upskill their existing employees and offer Domain-Driven Design consulting and training services to their clients.

Government Agency, Scandinavia

I remotely delivered training courses to a mix of roles in the organisation covering collaborative domain modelling, software architecture, and tactical Domain-Driven Design.

AI Startup, Germany

I facilitated multiple remote modelling sessions, helping the organisation to map out key parts of their domain, user journeys, software systems. We explored business opportunities and resolving existing organisational challenges.