Online & In-Person Strategic DDD Training

Training Modules

Each training module on this page is 4 hours unless stated otherwise. Modules can be purchased individually although are usually combined into 2 - 4 day workshops.

All modules are taught remotely using Miro and Zoom or Teams or in-person once satisfactory Covid safety measures are in place.

My designing online workshops with Miro article gives an example of my online training. I've also published a free remote DDD modelling toolkit for Miro .

I also provide bespoke and advanced training modules based on clients' needs. Contact me to find out more.

Strategic Module 1: Intro To Strategic DDD & Bounded Contexts

Attendees will learn how to take a business and domain-driven approach to designing architecture. They will learn how to capture the business model and break a large system down into loosely-coupled subsystems known as bounded contexts.

Strategic Module 2: Bounded Context Integration & Messaging Design

Attendees will learn how to integrate bounded contexts using domain events, commands, and queries. Attendees will use message flow modelling to visualise their designs, and they will learn principles and patterns for clear and loosely-coupled messaging design.

Strategic Module 3: Intro To Core Domains & Context Mapping

Attendees will learn how to map out their entire domain using context maps and identify the most valuable bounded contexts which are key to the organization being successful using Core Domain Charts.

Strategic Module 4: Advanced Bounded Context Design

Attendees will review all aspects of bounded context design. They will critique example designs and learn how to put all of the principles into practice with scenario-based challenges.

Modelling Module 1: Intro To Big-picture EventStorming

This is an 8-hour session run as either 1 x 8 hour session or 2 x 4 hour sessions. Attendees will learn the popular technique of Big Picture EventStorming for collaboratively modelling domains and making big discoveries.

Tactical Module 1: Intro To Tactical DDD With Design-Level EventStorming

Attendees will learn how to structure code by decoupling domain logic and infrastructure, and using aggregates to represent state machines in the domain. Attendees will collaboratively model using design-level EventStorming to design the code.

Tactical Module 2: Hands-on Tactical Modelling

Attendees will practice hands-on tactical modelling. They will form pairs and work on coding exercises. Each exercise is designed to teach specific coding patterns and there is a group review and discussion after each exercise.

Leadership Module 1: Technology Strategy With DDD & Wardley Mapping

Attendees will learn how to map their exising IT systems as a portfolio of capabilities. Attendees will then map the evolution of their sample business domain with Wardley Mapping. Finally, attendees will use the Wardley Map to map their IT portfolio and organisation structure with Team Topologies.

Leadership Module 2: Digital Business Architecture

Attendees will learn how to identify the significant parts of a business which are the blueprint for architecting software systems and organizing team to build them, including products, product variants, product bundles, user journeys, capabilities, value chains, domains, subdomains, and more.

Leadership Module 3: Team Topologies

Attendees will learn how to organize teams for a fast flow of changes using the principles and patterns of Team Topologies. Attendees will also learn how to organize teams around different parts of the digital business architecture such as products, user journeys, and domains.

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